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SPACE:1999 #06: Another Time, Another Place [Title Image] Previous Next | Votes: 16 | Points: 8.88 | Log On to vote
Another Time, Another Place
(En anden tid, et andet sted)
SPACE:1999, episode 6 (1.6)

Last Modified: 29 Oct 2015 20:48:07

Martin Landau   IMDB   Commander John Koenig
Barbara Bain   IMDB   Doctor Helena Russell
Barry Morse   IMDB   Professor Victor Bergman
Nick Tate   IMDB   Alan Carter
Prentis Hancock   IMDB   Paul Morrow
Clifton Jones   IMDB   David Kano
Zienia Merton   IMDB   Sandra Benes
Anton Philips   IMDB   Doctor Bob Mathias
Guest Cast:
Judy Geeson   IMDB   Regina Kesslann
Alan Roberto   IMDB   Boy
Claire McLellan   IMDB   Girl
Laser Disc   SPACE:1999 LaserDisc Volume 08
DVD   SPACE:1999 DVD #02
VHS   SPACE:1999 VHS #09

It is a nightmare experience for the Moonbase personnel and for Regina Kesslann in particular when the Moon is caught in a strange vortex and produces a duplicate of itself. Regina begins to see the future... in which Moonbase once again meets its double, and finds it destroyed. Inexorably, it begins to happen.
The Moon passes through a rift in space and the Alphans experience double vision and the sense of disorientation as the moon apparently becomes duplicated. When the dust settles, they find themselves in a different region of space, millions of miles from their previous location.

The only one that seems to have any after effects is Regina Kesslann. She collpased and her double vision and headaches remain. Her condition is deteriorating and Helena can not understand why. Koenig is concerned, but even more concerned with where the Moon has been transported.

The computer detects a solar sytem near by, and John has it scanned for more details. It turns out to have nine planets revolving around it's sun. When the third planet is scanned, the computer identifies it as the planet Earth. And the Moon is going into orbit.

The Alphans are thrilled and amazed at their fortune, but become concerned when they don't recieve any response when they try to contact Earth. Regina's condition worsens as they approach Earth. She is convinced she is living on a planet and even developes a sunburn.

She believes that she is married to Alan Carter, and that he and the Commander died in an Eagle accident. She is haunted by vision of herself as the spectre of death. Her dementia escalates and she knocks Dr. Mathias unconscious. She attacks a member of Security and heads to Main Mission where she dies as the Moon goes into orbit. Her autopsy reveals that her death was caused by the presence of two brains! Koenig is notified when the sensors detect another Moon in orbit around the Earth. He and Alan take an Eagle to check it out.

They enter the duplicate Alpha and find that it is deserted and all the equipment has been removed. The inhabitants had fulfilled Operation Exodus. Outside they see the wreckage of a downed Eagle and find in the cockpit their own corpses! An autopsy reveals they died 5 years previously. They had somehow travelled into their own future! Victor calculates that the other Moon is travelling faster that their Moon and the two will collide in 48 hours.

They have to evacuate Alpha. John, Helena and Alan go to Earth to see what happened to the other Alphans and to investigate the effects of meeting them. When the two Helenas do meet, the older of the two prepares for her death. When she see's Koenig (her deceased husband) she collapses. Paul decides that he will prevent the "new" Alphans from settling with force.

Victor tells John that they must get back to their Moon before the two collide and sets time back on track, or they "will have no place to die". They leave and make it back to Alpha and time is set right again, but the Moon has moved again and Earth is nowhere to be seen.
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