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SPACE:1999 #16: End of Eternity [Title Image] Previous Next | Votes: 14 | Points: 7.07 | Log On to vote
End of Eternity
(Slut på evigheden)
SPACE:1999, episode 16 (1.16)

Last Modified: 12 Sep 2017 19:10:44

Martin Landau   IMDB   Commander John Koenig
Barbara Bain   IMDB   Doctor Helena Russell
Barry Morse   IMDB   Professor Victor Bergman
Nick Tate   IMDB   Alan Carter
Prentis Hancock   IMDB   Paul Morrow
Clifton Jones   IMDB   David Kano
Zienia Merton   IMDB   Sandra Benes
Anton Philips   IMDB   Doctor Bob Mathias
Guest Cast:
Peter Bowles   IMDB   Balor
Jim Smilie   IMDB   Mike Baxter
Sarah Bullen   IMDB   Operative Kate
Paul Weston   IMDB   Guard
Laser Disc   SPACE:1999 LaserDisc Volume 06
DVD   SPACE:1999 DVD #04
VHS   SPACE:1999 VHS #05

The appeareance of an asteroid, three light years from the nearest star, that must have been traveling for a thousand years in space, is baffling. When the computer reports there is an atmosphere source somewhere inside it, Koenig and two others land on the asteroid. In the living chamber inside, they find an unconscious, terribly injured humanoid alien. But when he is taken to Moonbase, there is not a scratch on him. The man gives his name as Balor, citizen of the planet Progron. He is a scientist who discovered immortality, and has been blamed for the ensuing meaninglessness Progron's people felt in their lives, and imprisoned in a living rock and cast into space. When Koenig realises that the immortal, re-generating man is a complete psychopath, he knows he must kill him. Koenig must lure him into an airlock and release him into space forever, but to trap him Koenig has to be with him.
The Alphans' sensors detect a chamber with what appears to be an atmosphere buried within a passing asteroid. They go out to investigate, and have to blast through the outer surface to reach it. When they enter the cave, they find a door with alien markings in the rock.

With no visible means of entry, Koenig fires a stun gun at the door with no effect. As he steps away to gather explosives, the door explodes, throwing astronaut Mike Baxter. He does not appear to be seriously injured, so they continue on into the chamber. Looking around, they find the body of a man mutilated by the explosion. They bandage his wounds the best they can, and take him back to Alpha, although they think little of his chances for survival.

When they arrive at the base, he is rushed to Medical Centre, where he dies, and Mike Baxter is examined for any injuries. When Helena begins her autopsy of the alien man, she is shocked to discover that he is alive, with no visible wounds or scars! Tests reveal that his cells are replenishing themselves at an incredible rate.

John posts guards outside Medical Centre as a precaution though the alien is still unconscious. He wakes to find himself alone in a strange place. He tries to get out and forces open the doors to Medical Centre to find himself confronted by two guards. When he tries to leave they grab him and a fight ensues.

He quickly overcomes them, due to his superior strength and large stature. He wanders around the base and is attacked by several more Security personnel, which he dispatches prior to Koenig and Alan arriving. Alan attempts to stun, then kill him to no avail.

The alien asks them to stop, and talk, to end the violence. He tells them that his name is Balor, and that his people had achieved immortality by artificial means, and over time their society became corrupt and started to decay. He had tried to reverse the process and help them to find the meaning of life, but how could they respect life without the fear of death? His people turned on him and condemned him to an eternity of solitude within an asteroid of living rock.

Koenig has to tell Mike Baxter that he can't fly because his optic nerve was damaged in the explosion. Baxter is very upset by this and asks Koenig to leave him alone. He is soon visited by Balor who claims that he can help him. When Koenig finds out that Balor was there, he visits Baxter to find out what they talked about. Baxter attacks Koenig with a model plane, and nearly kills him, before he collapses and dies with a horrified look on his face.

Balor returns to heal Koenig's wounds and then disappears. When Koenig awakes, he recognizes the look on Baxter's face as similar to paintings he found in Balor's cell on the asteroid.

He asks Balor to meet him in his office to confront him. Balor tells him that torture was his solution to his people's problems, and that now he is going to continue his work on Alpha. Koenig tells him that they will resist, and Balor says that he will rip Alpha apart until they acquiesce.

Koenig must find a way to stop him, but how do you kill someone who is immortal? Koenig decides to blow him out an airlock. First he removes the airlock warning label and then, using himself as bait, guides Balor there by closing off sections of Alpha as he passes through. But getting out of the airlock, with Balor still inside, is not an easy feat.

Koenig finally attacks Balor, who picks him up and throws him into the hall outside the airlock. Paul who is monitoring the situation form Main Mission shuts the door and depressurizes it.

Helena thinks that they paid the price for meddling in another culture's justice, and that they should learn to leave some things alone. Alan destroys the asteroid with his Eagle's laser, Only for it to reintegrate and continue along its way.
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