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SPACE:1999 #31: The Rules of Luton [Title Image] Previous Next | Votes: 11 | Points: 4.73 | Log On to vote
The Rules of Luton
SPACE:1999, episode 31 (2.7)

Last Modified: 29 Oct 2015 20:46:58

Martin Landau   IMDB   Commander John Koenig
Barbara Bain   IMDB   Doctor Helena Russell
Catherine Schell   IMDB   Maya
Tony Anholt   IMDB   Tony Verdeschi
Guest Cast:
David Jackson   IMDB   Judge of Luton
David Jackson   IMDB   Strong Alien
Godfrey James   IMDB   Transporting Alien
Ray Marsden   IMDB   Invisible Alien
Yasuko Nagazumi   IMDB   Yasko Nugami
Laser Disc   SPACE:1999 LaserDisc Volume 16
DVD   SPACE:1999 DVD #08
VHS   SPACE:1999 VHS #14

Temporarily left on Luton, a planet rich in vegetation, while their Eagle is repaired, Koenig and Maya cannot resist the temptation to explore. But when Koenig eats some berries and Maya picks a flower, a thunderous voice booms out accusing them of murder. Though they plead ignorance, their damage to the plants is unforgivable to the judges of the planet and they must face the consequences. The two Alphans are forced into battle against some other criminal aliens, with the promise that the survivors will gain their freedom.
Koenig, Maya and Tony take an Eagle to investigate a lush planet to see if it would be a suitable new home for the Alphans.

As they approach, an alarm goes off warning them of an oxygen leak.

Koenig has Tony return to Alpha for another Eagle while he and Maya stay to check out the planet. As Tony lifts off, Maya scans the vegetation and learns that some of the berries where they landed are edible.

Koenig picks one and eats it, at the same time Maya picks a flower. Strange screams are heard from all directions. A booming voice declares that they are "cannibals, murderers" and "will be punished as cannibals and murderers deserve to be punished".

Koenig tries to contact Alpha but the voice tells them that they will not be allowed to. Koenig asks what their crime was, and is told that they killed members of the society of Luton. Koenig explains that any crime they may have commited was done out of ignorance. The judges of Luton respond that they have heard that explanation before, but they will be allowed to prove their innocence in the crucible of combat with other aliens who make the same claim.

Their opponents, three aliens who also destroyed plant life, are revealed. Whoever survives the battle to the death will win their freedom. Koenig quickly learns that their stun guns are ineffective against their adversaries, and try to put a little distance between them. Maya suggests trying to talk to them to them instead of fighting, to show that they mean them no harm.

Koenig agrees, especially after seeing one rip solid rock apart to make weapons. From a place of relative safety, they try to talk.

The Strong Alien responds by throwing large rocks, so they are forced to keep moving.

Back on Alpha, they try to contact Koenig and Maya unsuccessfully. They can't even locate the planet. Koenig and Maya swim across a small river to get away from the aliens who are tracking them. The aliens appear to be afraid of the water and do not follow. Koenig tries to talk to them again, with no luck.

The aliens wander off to find a way across. While looking for some means of defending themselves, Koenig and Maya find an animal skeleton that appears to have been killed by vines. Koenig realizes he hasn't seen any living animals on the planet. He tries to reach Alpha again, and gets only the judges of Luton, who tell him that they have provided the other aliens with powers to match Maya's to even the playing field.

Koenig has Maya search for the aliens from the air. While she is looking for them, one of the aliens teleports across the river to attack Koenig. Maya sees this and returns to help. She transforms into a lion to fend off the alien. Startled, he falls into the river and drowns as Koenig and Maya try to talk to him.

Maya notices that Koenig has been injured and tries to clean the wound. Now they know two of the powers that the judges of Luton gave to the aliens, strength and the ability to transport.

The two remaining aliens find a log to use to cross the river. Meanwhile, Tony is on his way back to where Luton was before it disappeared. Still unable to locate it on sensors, he hopes to make visual contact.

Koenig and Maya continue to keep ahead of the aliens tracking them, and find the location of the final battle of plants versus animals.

While Koenig works on a bola to use as a weapon, he and Maya talk a little about their pasts, until they hear a sound nearby. When they look, they don't see anyone, but they do see one of the stone weapons on the hillside below.

Koenig thinks he knows the ability that the judges of Luton gave the third alien. They move back so he can finish work on the bola. They hear another noise. Maya turns into a dog and tracks down the Invisible Alien, he raises a rock to crush her, but stumbles and falls to his death.

Koenig becomes delirious and Maya flies off in search of water to clean his wound. When she lands the strong alien, catches her in a cage made from the mesh off his outfit. Koenig hears the bird's cry and sees that the alien has her captive.

Koenig appeals to the judges of Luton to intervene and trade his life for Maya's. They refuse. The alien sits and waits for Koenig with Maya in the cage before him. Koenig descends the hill to rescue her before she reverts, and is crushed. In his weakened state, he stumbles, and the alien laughs.

Tony's Eagle gets refueled while he continues to search for the planet. Helena warns him that he is dangerously close to its last recorded position.

Koenig attacks the strong alien and runs. When the alien chases after him, Koenig throws the bola and trips him. The alien falls, hits his head on a rock, and is knocked out. Koenig releases Maya as she transforms back. Koenig returns to his fallen opponent, with his rock lance poised to finish him off.

The judges of Luton tell him to kill the "criminal". Koenig refuses. He says they are the criminals for not stopping them before they ate berries and picked flowers. There is a chattering sound as the plants agree with him. The intensity increases until the judges of Luton tell them they are free to go.

The planet materializes before Tony and he manages to pull up without crashing. He lets Alpha know he has "found" the planet, and has them contact Koenig and Maya. Yasko asks for their position to guide Tony to them, but they can see the Tony's Eagle landing near by. They return to Alpha, and when Koenig returns to Command Centre, he sees a potted plant at Maya's work station. He asks where it came from, and Maya tells him that Tony though it might cheer her up after her ordeal.

Helena says that they lovely and Maya offers her one. Koenig tells her never to pick a flower while he's around, and has Tony return them to Hydroponics.
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