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SPACE:1999 #35: The Catacombs of the Moon [Title Image] Previous Next | Votes: 8 | Points: 5.75 | Log On to vote
Catacombs of the Moon
SPACE:1999, episode 35 (2.11)

Last Modified: 29 Oct 2015 20:46:45

Martin Landau   IMDB   Commander John Koenig
Barbara Bain   IMDB   Doctor Helena Russell
Catherine Schell   IMDB   Maya
Tony Anholt   IMDB   Tony Verdeschi
Zienia Merton   IMDB   Sandra Benes
Guest Cast:
James Laurenson   IMDB   Patrick Osgood
Pamela Stephenson   IMDB   Michelle Osgood
Alan Hunter   IMDB   Bill
Brendan Price   IMDB   Guard
Karen Ford   IMDB   Nurse
Lloyd McGuire   IMDB   1st Engineer
Saul Reichlin   IMDB   2nd Engineer
Nova Llewellyn   IMDB   1st Woman
Felicity York   IMDB   2nd Woman
Jeffrey Kissoon   IMDB   Doctor Ben Vincent
Laser Disc   SPACE:1999 LaserDisc Volume 18
DVD   SPACE:1999 DVD #09
VHS   SPACE:1999 VHS #16

Down in the catacombs of the Moon, engineer Patrick Osgood is searching for Titanium. It is for a dual purpose; it is needed to save his wife's life in heart-surgery, and it is vital to Moonbase Alpha's life support system, and stocks of the metal are low. Time is running out, and when Osgood fails to find any Titanium, he becomes very unbalanced. He forces the medical team to release his wife, and takes her into the catacombs. Koenig decides that some of the Titanium in the store can be released for the operation - but now the Osgoods have to be found.
While Michelle Osgood waits in Medical Center, her husband is in the catacombs beneath the lunar surface looking for Tiranium, a mineral, needed for the artificial heart to save his wife. In order to speed things along, Patrick Osgood uses excessive amounts of explosives.

While setting the charges, Patrick is caught in an explosion. After which, he has a vision of his wife in a bed surrounded by Alpha in flames. No Tiranium is found, but Patrick's visions persist. Mysteriously, temperatures begin to rise on Alpha. The Moon is being hit by waves of heat from an indeterminate source in space.

Koenig takes an Eagle to try to locate it's source. Meanwhile, back on Alpha, Helena attempts to make an artificial heart work without the benfits of Tiranium. Patrick Osgood scoffs, as he believes only his faith can save his wife. Apparently proving him right, the heart fails without the rare mineral. Helena asks John to release some Tiranium to use in her next attempt. He refuses saying they can't spare it during the crisis situation, but he has faith that Helena will prevail.

Patrick storms into the Explosives Storeroom while Tony oversees the transfer of the explosives to a cooler location on a lower level. Patrick tells him that everyone will die that does not evacuate to the catacombs. Tony has difficulty accepting Patricks visions. The conversation heats up until Patrick throws a punch and grabs Tony's stungun. Maya passes by as the fighting ensues. She tranforms into a dog and wrests the gun from Patrick's hand. He escapes, and disappears down the hall.

Patrick is found unconscious and brought to Medical Center. When he wakes, he tells Helena that he has wired himself as a "human explosive". He demands that she bandage his arm, and take him to his wife. Tony and Helena try to convince him that Michelle will die without a new heart, but Patrick is certain only his faith can save her. He calls Michelle. Helena tells him that Michelle is sedated and can't hear him. Michelle wakes at the sound of his voice, as if to prove her wrong.

Koenig finds the source of the heat wave that is plaguing Alpha. It's an enormous firestorm on a collision course with the Moon. He sets a course for Alpha and hopes they are able to outrun the cloud, as it's velocity is greater than their Eagles top speed. He is able to report their findings to Alpha before he is cut off.

Helena thinks he was about to release the Tiranium. Tony decides to let her take what she needs, figuring they all might not survive anyway. He then heads down to the catacombs to find Patrick and bring Michelle back. They have a head start, but Michelle is too weak to keep up the pace that Patrick is trying to maintain.

Back in Medical Center, Helena's latest heart is a success! She contacts Tony to let him know, and ask him to bring Michelle back. Tony follows them deeper and deeper into the catacombs. Patrick forces his wife to keep moving as the waves of heat, increasing in strength, pummel the surface of the Moon. Tony manages to catch up to the Osgoods, but Patrick knocks out their flashlight with a well aimed rock. Unable to follow in the dark. Tony summons Maya figuring she will be able to see in the dark, if need be.

She turns into a tiger and tracks them down. She keeps Patrick away from Michelle so Tony can get her out. The cave collapses on Patrick as the shockwaves get worse on the lunar surface. Tony has two security guards bring Michelle to Medical Center while he remains to unbury Patrick. Helena operates on Michelle, and put's in the new heart. The operation is a success, but Michelle's vital signs are weak. They question her chances of survival, until Tony brings Patrick in on a stretcher. When she sees him they immediately know that she will be fine.

The fire storm inexplicably recedes. Helena and Tony discuss how Patrick was able to predict the fire storm. Helena theorizes that the stress on Patrick may have made him receptive to an intelligence in the firestorm. Helena thanks John for the Tiranium, telling him that it saved Michelle Osgood's life.

John starts to balk, but realizes that all's well that ends well, and, laughingly, just goes with it. Helena welcomes him back with a big smile.
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