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Commander John Koenig
John Koenig Race Human
Rank Commander
Biography Age 40, born 1958. Only child ("The Rules of Luton"). Studied at M.I.T. (among his other interests were jazz ballet class where he met Diana Morris, "The Bringers of Wonder I"). Married, but wife died in 1987 war ("The Rules of Luton"). According to George Bellak's writer's guide, his wife was a gifted artist who sacrificed her career for his, until she decided she could no longer do so and separated from him.

As an astronaut cadet Koenig travelled to a Venus space station ("The Exiles", "The Lambda Factor"). In Reconnaissance section he was assigned to the Ultra probe mission planning during 1996, and then grounded in 1997 until 1999 ("Dragon's Domain"). On September 9th, 1999, Koenig is ratified as ninth commander of Moonbase Alpha ("War Games"). His other interests include physics (he has his own unified field theory, according to "Black Sun") and according to the writers guide he was an astrophysicist of some note (this is not otherwise evident in the episodes, however). His spare time interests include kendo ("The Testament of Arkadia") and chess ("Dragon's Domain").

Koenig is often selfless and rather reckless ("We're looking for answers, Commander, not heroes" says Helena in "Breakaway"). The writers guide describes him having two contradictory streaks, a rather ruthless side, and a moody introspective side. He can be rather moody, snapping orders ("Matter of Life and Death", "The Last Sunset", "The Seance Spectre"). He frequently demonstrates what Magus describes as an "iron will" in "New Adam, New Eve" ("The John Koenig philosophy. If there's chips on the table, we're still in the game", "The Seance Spectre"), at times ruthless ("Must you always assume the worst?" "Yes. When the safety of Alpha is concerned" he states in "The Exiles"), though he dislikes aggression ("Shoot first and ask questions later. It's not your style, John", "The Last Enemy"; "I still don't like the idea of a pre-emptive strike against an enemy we don't understand", "Space Brain").

Note he likes to pace back and forth ("Dragon's Domain", "The Last Sunset", others), and likes to slap people as a greeting. He is often in fights, and enjoys kendo as a hobby ("The Testament of Arkadia").

He is very close to Victor ("Dragon's Domain", "Breakaway", "Missing Link", others) and Alan ("Collision Course"). According to the writers guide, he was a student of Victor. Koenig's relationship with Helena begins with cautious hostility in Breakaway, quipping "I didn't know you cared" at her concern. He is uncomfortable in "Matter of Life and Death", but on the planet he draws closer to her: "We almost made it.. you and I". He is concerned for her in "Black Sun", "Ring Around the Moon" and "Earthbound". In "Another Time, Another Place", their other selves are married. Their first kiss is when he makes up after their argument in "Dragon's Domain". Subsequent kisses in "The Exiles" (also with Maya/Helena), "The Mark of Archanon" ("Is that all you have to be grateful for?"), "The Bringers of Wonder I" (recap in "Devil's Planet"). He falls in love with an alien in "Missing Link", is kissed by one in "Guardian of Piri", and is the object of desire in "The A-B Chrysalis".

A frequent Eagle pilot (& involved in several crashes: "Breakaway", "Another Time, Another Place", "Missing Link", "The Bringers Of Wonder I", "Devil's Planet", "The Immunity Syndrome"). He died in "Matter of Life and Death", "Another Time, Another Place", "Missing Link" (briefly), "War Games", "End of Eternity".
Actor Martin Landau